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Primarily partnered with Neotel and Vodacom and along with other interconnect partners, we can offer you the best of Business grade Fibre. Uncapped services with 10:1 contention ratio or dedicated 1:1 Fibre with various other bolt on services to this like MPLS and Hosting.

Fibre is the most stable and robust carrier for all forms of internet services. Moving your business away from ADSL to Fibre connectivity will provide a much happier and more efficient work force.

Once you have Fibre, it opens a stable platform to run SIP / IP Configured PABX or Hosted PBX and VOIP services. We call this holistic change, Converged Services.

*Please note that not all sites are feasible so please get in touch with us sharing your physical location to confirm feasbility and pricing. As Fibre is being rolled out through the country more and more areas become feasible. We look forward to a time where every business is running on Fibre.

If you would like some more info or clarity on what Fibre is and how it can benefit your business, get in touch with us!