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Experience agility and fast internet speeds using the superior Vodacom LTE network. National Average throughput of 15Mbps with various data package options ranging from 5Gb to 100Gb per month. Perfect for SOHO / SMME clients or even as a redundancy link.

Additionaly to the data provided, you will receive 2 Voice Ports on each device to be connect direct to any Analogue Phones or Analogue PABX. Calls are billed independantly at Vodacom VOIP rates - even if you run out of data you will still be able to make and receive a call. As a voice product, this is very competetive when being charged R299 pm for the equivalent of 2 Telkom lines. VOIP call rates provide further savings on call charges. Not susceptable to copper theft and easy to relocate providing you with great mobility and more uptime. Porting of existing geographic numbers and Hunting Services are available.      

Each package includes a Huawei HG659 LTE Router, Vodacom Sim and Dongle. No wires, quick deployment. Below image shows the Huawei HG659 device offering Dual Band Wifi (5G Wifi) and the various Ports listed below:


1. Power

2. Reset

3. ADSL Port

4. FXO Analogue Voice Ports (x2)

5. LAN Ports (x4)

6. WAN Port

7. USB / LTE Dongle Port