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 Panasonic Certified, we offer a range of PABX / PBX which can cater for the smallest to largest of organizations. Each PABX is custom built / programmed to accommodate your size, requirement of telephones and connectivity, thus no 'off the shelf pricing' is available but rather each one is priced according to your requirements. We are very good at transparently guiding you to choose the correct PABX for your requirements and budget. PABX's accommodate for Switchboard functionality and multiple extensions to be able to transfer back and forth between one another. Do not underestimate the agility a PABX adds to an office and its crucial integration into a well oiled company. Various options to rent or to purchase outright. *Note Rental contracts are signed direct with GetSmart, ie: no banks or finance houses involved, no escalations or hidden clauses.

There are different types of PABX's being Analogue / Digital / IP and then Hosted or in the cloud PBX. Each type of PABX has its pros and cons and has a suitable space in the market. We also have a range of specialised phones and accessories to choose from. Long range warehouse friendly cordless phones, wireless headsets to conference phones. Even if you already have a PABX but need a specific phone, we can help you!

We are often asked to assist in writing specification sheets for Government PABX tenders, we know the industry well and what to recommend to you. Give us a try for personalised service!