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VOIP is still a confusing topic for many and many people think you need a VOIP PABX to be able to reap the benefits of VOIP. With our VOIP solution you can retain whichever PABX and telephones you have while enjoying the savings. We install a VOIP Gateway that converts the connection back to whichever PABX type you have - Analogue / Digital / IP

Our VOIP Solution works! Unfortunately VOIP has a bad name (legacy) in Telecoms due to the many companies running VOIP on inadequate ADSL connections, running incorrect codecs or just inadequate VOIP equipment. We are partnered with ECN, the biggest and most stable VOIP network in the country. We use stable last mile links, only use Patton Gateway equipment to connect to your PABX and set an APN on the service for no internet breakout to preserve voice quality. GetSmart provide the 1st line support and billing for our VOIP solutions. We have a list of many happy clients experiencing brilliant call quality as well as big savings. Let us know if you would like to share some referrals with you. 

Expect savings of up to 40% compared to Telkom costs. Send us an email with your recent Telkom account and we will provide a monthly estimated savings calulation.